Smart Walk Mini Treadmill

67,000.00 45,000.00

The Worlds most Compact and SMART Treadmill.


Beautifully Engineered

The only Smart Walk Mini treadmill that can be moved and stored anywhere, easily! Heck, it’s only 25kg and 5″ thick

Smart Walk mini looks amazing, stores easily and adapts to whatever workout you plan. Built with a revolutionary human infrared stepping technology, it tracks your position and adjusts the speed accordingly.

The Smart Walk Mini has 7 patents revolutionizing treadmill design, usability, and safety, It is a world class in its category taking the working out experience to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning.

Minimalist Design
Simple design that redefines the future of treadmills

Intelligent Infrared Speed Control
Smart Walk Mini Treadmill tracks the position of your feet and adjust the speed accordingly based on the 3 stepping location zones (slow, normal, fast)

Hydraulic Handrail
When the handrail is added, the maximum speed will increase from
6kms/hr (walking speed)  to 8kms /hr (running speed)


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